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AI in Action: Three Ways to Boost Marketing Performance Today

From chatbots to social listening applications, artificial intelligence is already helping companies of all sizes to make a measurable impact on marketing performance. But the reality is that AI solutions are evolving faster than most marketing teams can adapt. Our goal is to help separate the hype and speculation from the practical, market-ready applications that add immediate value.

In recent years, marketers have been given unprecedented access to data: customer intelligence, search trends, social media activity, and aggregated web traffic data. For most marketers, the challenge is making sense of it all. Sifting through a sea of data to find actionable insights. The good news is that a field of emerging AI-enabled marketing applications address many of the most important challenges and opportunities facing marketers.

01 Search Marketing

For years, the Google Search Console has offered important insights into keyword trends, shaping the way most of us approach organic and paid search campaigns. But more recently, applications like SEMRush and CognitiveSEO have been adding powerful AI and machine learning capabilities that take search insights to a new level. These tools use AI to identify trends and make predictions about emerging opportunities.

They help identify under-valued keywords and white space opportunities with related keywords. The technology can also be used to identify questions that are being asked about specific brands or products. It's the kind of intel that reaches beyond keyword campaigns, sparking customer-centric product innovation and new channel strategies.

02 Social Media

As social media platforms have become a ubiquitous source of global ideas and micro-focused communities of interest, they have become an increasingly important battleground for brand awareness and engagement. Enter AI-powered tools like Meltwater, Brandwatch, and BuzzSumo. These applications unlock vast repositories of data on targeted buyer segments including what buyers are reading, sharing, and talking about online. Allowing marketers to become a part of buyer conversations as they happen.

03 Content Marketing

With so many voices competing to be heard across so many channels, the success of every campaign hinges on a marketer's ability to earn the interest of buyers. Tools like Hubspot and SproutSocial use AI to track the topics that capture the interest of buyers. They also shed light on channels, events, and influencers who help shape purchase decisions. Meanwhile, emerging tools like ChatGPT and Dall-e promise to help generate natural language content and designs.

A common thread among the applications listed above is that they help marketers gain empathy for buyer groups – a deeper understanding of the attitudes, interests, and behavior that shape purchase decisions. That includes the topics they're searching for and talking about online. It also includes the channels that consistently reach buyers and influence decisions.


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